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Jeannie Wilson
Jan 7, 2015
My son has been taking lessons and attending camps at CBA for a few years. We LOVE how much he has grown in the sport thanks to the great instruction from the CBA staff. Coach Finlaw has helped take his hitting to a whole new level!!
Customer since July 2012

Nov 14, 2014
Coach Finlaw is Great
My grandson, Dillon, had a lesson this week with Coach Finlaw. Dillon really likes Coach. Coach has a gift to work with children. Dillon has responded well with Coaches instruction and input with making adjustments. My conversations with Coach have also been very enlightening. I respect his thoughts and perspective of the game. Coach is a one in a million.
Customer since April 2014

Sarah Panezich
Sep 16, 2014
Coach Finlaw
Our 2 sons have been seeing coach Finlaw for a few years now & we have seen the boys hitting go from average to outstanding ! Whenever the boys are in a slump coach can look at their swing and have them make their adjustments and they are back to doing their job in the batters box. We are very greatful to have him as our kids “coach” they trust what he instructs them to do because they have seen their lessons make impacts during a game ,they go in the batters box with confidence .
Customer since May 2014

Sep 1, 2014
I really enjoyed my experience with CBA working with coach Finlaw. The instruction was so simple and easy to follow. Can’t wait for the next lesson. Thanks
Customer since August 2014

Gig Richardson
Aug 29, 2014
Great experience for my nine year as he has just started kid pitch. Pitching and hitting lessons already visible after his first lesson. Thank you Stan and Coach!!
Customer since August 2014

Mike Phillips
Aug 21, 2014
Great experience very helpful
Britton my 8 year old son came for his first batting lesson with coach Finlaw and was amazed at how well he was hitting just after one lesson . He couldn’t stop talking about it on way home and can’t wait to go back. Will definatly be a repeat customer.
Customer since August 2014

Papa 1
Aug 21, 2014
Hitting Instruction
Highly recommend Coach Finlaw. He is great with my grandson. He sees what needs to be worked on and finds a way to correct them by encouragement not condescending remarks. My grandson looks forward to his lessons and really like “Coach”. He even took time to explain to me his process of observation and deciding what needs to be “Fixed” first. CBA has a one in a million with this guy.
Customer since April 2014

David Abramowitz
Jul 29, 2014
Hitting Instruction
Coach Finlaw is a “genius”. If I had his instruction 55 years ago no doubt I would be in the Baseball Hall of Fame today. We have come a long way from; keep your eye on the ball, don’t step in the bucket, and take a level swing. That was the only advice I got in the day. Had to go to dental school instead, to make my millions.
Customer since March 2012

Hunter C
Jul 12, 2014
Superb Baseball clinic
Thank you Stan, Cole and Coach Finlaw for taking your time to pass along the skills you’ve learned over the years. It has made me a better player already.
Customer since March 2014

Barry H
Jun 17, 2014
Immediate Impact
My son has shown immediate improvement with only 2 lessons at CBA. Now, his excitement for the game is in overdrive. Thanks Coach Tracy and we will spread the word!
Customer since June 2014

Clark Moraux
Jun 10, 2014
Excellent Facility
My 9 year old has been involved with CBA for almost a year, and has made great progress! He loves it.
Customer since December 2013

Jun 5, 2014
Great place!
Coach Finlaw is highly recommended for batting practice!! My son has had 3 lessons and he has greatly improved.
Customer since June 2013

Tripp Wilkie
May 21, 2014
Hitting Instruction
Excellent as always.professional instruction. Best that I have been involved with. Looking forward the the next session with coach Finlaw. Thanks a million for what you are doing for my son
Customer since March 2014

Darrell B
Apr 5, 2014
Pitching lesson
When Stan wasn’t available for my son’s pitching lesson, Tim Brechbuehler stepped in. Tim was great. He gave my son a lot of confidence going into his rec league season. Thanks!
Customer since October 2013

Mar 27, 2014
Excellent Batting Lesson
My son has been struggling with batting. He is an avid ball player and really strives to succeed. He practices regularly. After minimal batting success, I took him to see Coach Finlaw. He made great improvements in his hitting. It was worth the time and money to see him smile after his lesson!
Customer since June 2013

Clint Watts
Mar 7, 2014
Levi Watts
CBA does a great job! I’ve brought both of my boys(7),(12), in for batting work with coach Finlaw and seen immediate improvement. The staff is very accommodating and really are patient with the kids.
Customer since February 2014

Michael Toney
Feb 27, 2014
Batting lessons
I took batting lessons from Coach Finlaw several times and is great coach that wants to see you be the best batter you can be. He is very knowledgeable and wants to be there for you. I always feel like a better batter after my lesson with more confidence for my next game.
Customer since March 2013

Harley Perry
Feb 20, 2014
Coach Finlaw was amazing. He is able to instruct at all levels with players. Enjoyed the session and look forward to next week.
Customer since February 2014

Cooper Dawson
Feb 5, 2014
Great Hitting Lessons
Coach Finlaw taught me some great tips for batting with just one lesson. He took his time to point out things that I needed to correct, and he made it easy for me to understand how to correct it. I look forward to going back for more lessons! Thanks Coach Finlaw for a great experience!
Customer since January 2014

Brian Legnard
Jan 23, 2014
RJ Swindle
My son really enjoyed his pitching lesson at CBA. RJ gave him great advice and was a pleasure to talk with.
Customer since October 2012

Kyle Grooms
Jan 16, 2014
Great experience. Coach is very knowledgable and always has great information for performance improvments.
Customer since April 2011

Nov 14, 2013
One on One lessons from coach Finlaw , Priceless. Thanks to CBA for making this a great learning experience for the young ball players in this area.
Customer since April 2013

Darrell B
Oct 22, 2013
Coach Finlaw
The hitting lesson with Coach Finlaw was fantastic. Just a few tips has my son swinging the bat so much better. He’s so confident about playing in his next game. Thanks!
Customer since October 2013

Tommy Wilkie
Oct 3, 2013
Hitting Lesson
Coach finlaw is great. My son learned much in just 1 lesson. Looking forward to next time. Coach is able to keep the attention of my son like noone ever has before. Thanks a million
Customer since September 2013

Jeff Dawson
Sep 19, 2013
CBA is great
Coach Sean, Matt, Vrable and Finlaw are excellent coaches .from what I have observed all there coaches are excellent .my son has learned a lot in a short time.its well worth every dollar.i have recommended cba to many friends.
Customer since September 2013

David Burn
May 22, 2013
Piching Lesson
With the mid season grind it never fails mechanical flaws appear. Stan and with the assistance of Wyn Pelzer(Great Addition) work out his flaws in as short time. Last night he pitch 5 2/3 inning held the undeafted team 12-0 to 1 run. We won 3-1. Couldnt have done it with out Stan and Wyn. Thanks a million and will back to see you soon. Thanks again Wyn and Stan.
Customer since May 2013

Dennis Bradshaw
Apr 22, 2013
Coach Finlaw is a great teacher
Coach Finlaw does a great job teaching to our son. Our son has a great deal of respect for him. He helped build our son’s confidence with his hitting.
Customer since May 2012

Allen Mitchum
Apr 18, 2013
Great Work!
Great work at CBA! Everyone there works well with the children and their knowledge of baseball is top notch! We all really like the online scheduling too..it make things so easy.
Customer since March 2013

Michael L
Apr 15, 2013
Very nice job done by Matt would recommend CBA and staff to anyone with a child that wants to take their game to the next level.
Customer since April 2013

Kody T
Apr 3, 2013
Love going to CBA! They are very welcoming and they are top notch when it comes to anything baseball! Would recommend them to everyone!
Customer since April 2013

Keith Christensen
Mar 22, 2013
Hitting instruction
Coach Finlaw is awesome. My grandfather took me for my 1st session on March 11 & I can’t wait to go again. Got me out of some bad habits when hitting and it showed at my next practice. Will be coming back for hitting & pitching instruction.
Customer since February 2013

Nolan L
Mar 14, 2013
Amazing Improvement!
I can’t believe how much improvement there was in just 30 minutes. Coach Finlaw gave my son so many tips to improve his technique and within a few minutes of the session he nailing the ball every time. This was batting instruction, can’t wait for throwing instruction tomorrow!
Customer since March 2013

Ray Morris
Mar 11, 2013
CBA Field
The field was in great shape and we had fun playing there yesterday and look forward to future games at Charleston Baseball Academy. Thanks again Stan.
Customer since April 2012

Justin M
Feb 2, 2013
Softball lessions
My 10 year old wanted to try fast pitching lessions so we decided to go the Charleston Baseball Academy, glad we did! Sandra did a great job with my daughter, she going to start going there once a week.
Customer since January 2013

Jan 25, 2013
Great instructors with a desire to teach the game of baseball! Would recommend it to anyone who wants to invest in their child’s development.
Customer since October 2012

John Daniel Lybrand
Jan 21, 2013
Customer since July 2010

Ryan G
Dec 9, 2012
Batting approach.
John gave a nice new perspective on hitting that was great to hear. Was thorough, respectful and explained issues that needed to be corrected to advance. Going back for more lessons.
Customer since September 2010

Jeff Thomas
Oct 18, 2012
Great Facility & Staff
Great place to get 1/1 instruction and build upon your knowlege of baseball at all levels. Staff is fantastic!!!
Customer since October 2012

Damon Barton
Sep 9, 2012
Hitting lessons
Excellent job! My son really enjoyed the experience. This is our second time here and for sure we will be back.
Customer since March 2012

Parker Tillman
Aug 1, 2012
Hitting Lesson w/ Coach Finlaw
Outstanding session. Picks up the smallest of details and makes immediate improvements to the kids’ swings. Thank you again and we will continue to come back!
Customer since July 2012

Jul 25, 2012
hitting and pitching
My son has been working with Coach Finlaw and Coach Stan for over a year now. He has made great progress and enjoys working with them – they are very positive instructors and have really helped him improve his game.
Customer since September 2010

Jamie l
May 22, 2012
Hitting session
We recently booked my son a hitting session with “coach” Finlaw. The experience was great and he learned so much including the confidence he was lacking on the field in the batters box. We will definitely be a return customer for many years.
Customer since May 2012

D Bradshaw
May 21, 2012
Great Learning Experience
Coach Findlaw was fantastic with our eight year old, he learned good fundamentals about hitting the baseball.
Customer since May 2012

Dennis B
May 14, 2012
Hitting Lessons
It was a great first lesson. Shaun did an excellent job. My son is eight years old and the communication was great.
Customer since May 2012

Scott Fowler
Apr 21, 2012
coach Stan did a great job, def reccomend CBA to anyone looking for additional instruction. very knlowlegable and was able to communicate the drills in ways for my son to do them and understand patient and well liked.
Customer since April 2012

Becky Wimmer
Apr 15, 2012
We had an absolutely fabulous experience. Instructors were knowledgeable, personable and great with my 10 year old. Highly recommend, and, look forwrad to returning!!
Customer since April 2012

Reese Scarbrough
Apr 12, 2012
Hitting Lesson
Coach Finlaw did an awesome job teaching my son the proper swing. I was a little worried about my son being to young(6) for a hitting lesson but coach did an awesome job and we will be back soon. Thanks, Phillip Scarbrough
Customer since April 2012

Danny W
Apr 6, 2012
Hitting with Coach Finlaw
My son was on the verge of getting the concepts of hitting properly. After one lesson with Coach, my son has made a dramatic improvement. Additionally, my son’s interest in the game has increased tremendously. Coach has such a way with children. We bought the 3 month plan and have our second lesson today. We recommend CBA to anyone who loves the game!
Customer since March 2012

Kim M.
Apr 4, 2012
Pitching Lesson with Stan
I just wanted to thank you for giving Justin such positive feedback on his pitching yesterday. His confidence level has been destroyed by this middle school coach and your feedback and compliments gave him his confidence back. I look forward to you working with Justin again in the near future.
Customer since July 2011

Chuck Kramer
Mar 30, 2012
batting fundamentals
My son had batting lessons with Coach Finlaw. After first lesson, his hitting improved dramatically! Learned invaluable tips on fundamentals. Staff is excellent and enthusiastic! Great experience!
Customer since March 2012

Landon Barton
Mar 20, 2012
I only experience a half hour and can tell a difference in my son swing. Greatttttt Job,….. I will invest more of my son time here to improve his total game.
Customer since March 2012

Mar 14, 2012
Coach Fennlaw is the real deal. He simplified for me in 1 lesson what other coaches were unable to adequately convey in over 30 years that I have received instruction.
Customer since March 2012

Jim Maas
Mar 5, 2012
True Baseball facility
This is how a baseball facility should be. The ability to get alot of work done in tight confines. Can work on many drills and make progress in your workout! Time is important and this is the best place available to use your time wisely!
Customer since February 2012

Chandler Burn
Feb 17, 2012
Hitting Lesson
Coach Finlaw is an outstanding hitting coach,. He relates well to kids of all ages. Early in the season my son picks up new swings. 1 or 2 lessons Finlaw gets him back on track extending and driving the ball. Really amazing the difference the C. Finlaw makes. Highly recommed.
Customer since January 2011

brant b
Feb 14, 2012
Coach Finlaw
Had a hitting/batting lesson with Coach Finlaw on Monday…..he is truly a baseball genius……he zeroed in on the mistakes I was making and clearly and concisely explained to me what i was doing wrong…..
Customer since February 2012

Jan 11, 2012
Stan helped me get my issues identified so I can get to work on them – he knows how to help me understand why I need to do things not just what to do – great lesson!
Customer since June 2010

Chris White
Sep 13, 2011
Thanks Coach Finlaw!
Coach Finlaw has coached my son Landon on two seperate times. We have saw significant improvement over this short period of time. We also plan to continue!
Customer since September 2011

Andrew S
Jun 2, 2011
Thanks Coach Finlaw!
Coach Finlaw is awesome! Our son Andrew took 3 hitting lessons this week and improved significantly during games. Coach changed a couple techniques which helped him make contact with the ball. We plan to continue!
Customer since May 2011

Mark Blankenship
May 11, 2011
Regarding Coach Stan
Coach Stan has given me the tools to become the best at what I do. He has given me hope to play on. I woulgd recommend coach Stan. He knows baseball.
Customer since April 2011

AJ McGlamery
May 5, 2011
Regarding Coach Stan
My son AJ has been taking pitching lessons from coach Stan. AJ is deaf. Stan has a remarkable gift of communicating with young boys. AJ leaves after every lesson an improved player. Many coaches know a lot about baseball but it is a rare few who have the gift of teaching it.
Customer since October 2010

Father of Nicholas Thompson
May 4, 2011
They give us the Tools to be successful!!!As long as we apply ourselfs!
Top notch second to none!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nicholas has learned more at 9 years old,about proper batting technique than his 40 year old Dad ever KNEW!!!I wish I would had known how to hit properly back when I was in High School!!!It sends chills down my spine to see Coach bring out the best in my son!!!Nicholas listens when coach teaches him and he applies it!!!! We are Fan’s of C.B.A.
Customer since May 2011

The George Family
Apr 29, 2011
Pitching lesson with Jake
We would like to thank Jake for the awesome job he did this week during our son’s pitching lessons. He was very knowledgeable and he interacted so well with our son that he paid attention during the whole lesson. The lessons were well worth the expense and we plan on purchasing another lesson package soon.
Customer since April 2011

Parents of Austin C.
Apr 24, 2011
These guys are good!
These guys really know how to work with kids. Coach Finlay is awesome. Coach and Stan really break down the training to a level that both the kid and I understand. I am not an expert at baseball but I know coaching. These guys are good. I am not a wealthy person, but this is well worth it. My sons coaches on his travel ball team and high school team are good, but Stan and Coach fill in the gaps. Don’t cheat your kid, come to CBA.
Customer since July 2010

Nic Ranly
Apr 3, 2011
Batting & Pitching
We took 3 players there for a group lesson. It was great. Stan & Coach Finlaw both knew exactly how to relate the lessons so the 11u players would understand. I was very impressed & I learned alot as a Dad & Coach. Thanx again & we will be back.
Customer since March 2011

Glenn A
Mar 10, 2011
Coach Finlaw was excellent with my son. It took no time for him to figure out what was wrong with his form and swing. With just one lesson my sons coach saw a difference in his hitting. I highly recomend CBA to anyone who plays baseball. It is well worth the money.
Customer since March 2011

Jalen S
Mar 4, 2011
Batting and pitching
We have had batting and pitching lessons and have found them both very helpful. The staff know the players by name and genuinely seem to care about player development. Well worth the money!
Customer since March 2011

Colby S
Feb 24, 2011
Batting and Pitching Lessons
We have had taken both hitting and pitching lessons at CBA. The coaches and staff are always helpful and friendly. I highly recommend CBA for quality instruction!
Customer since July 2010

Jason V
Feb 16, 2011
Pitching Lesson
This was our first pitching lesson at the Charleston Baseball Academy and we were very impressed with the instruction. Coach Stan was very friendly, encouraging, supportive, and uplifting and gave instruction to our son at an age appropriate level.
Customer since February 2011

Seth H
Feb 10, 2011
Batting Lesson
Was very impressed with the batting coach, my son showed marked improvement after the first lesson. The coach showed my son how to ‘see’ the ball almost immediately to increase his contact with the ball.
Customer since February 2011

Parker Bass
Feb 3, 2011
Excellent Job on Hitting and Pitching Lesson
Great job with both lessons yesterday – very helpful to my son in both sessions. Coach worked with him on adjusting to the -3 bat and using his top hand and Stan worked with him on consistent foot placement in pitching. Both instructors relate to Parker well – thanks!
Customer since June 2010

Nick Smith
Jan 31, 2011
Staff in professional and knowledgable in all baseball diciplines. Works well with youth, and teached tecniques that aid in improving player ability. Coached really care about their students. We really enjoy the leaseon and facility. You can’t go wrong with CBA!
Customer since January 2011

David Beane
Jan 28, 2011
We LOVE this place!
Coach Finlaw is the best! After each lesson we can see the difference it has made. Wish we would have found CBA a long time ago! Totally recommend this to anyone who wants to see their son improve.
Customer since January 2011

Chaz Smith
Jan 24, 2011
I really enjoyed learning with Coach the other day. He taught me alot i a little bit of time. I have already signed up for 2 more sessions. Great place to learn the fundamentals.
Customer since January 2011